Fruit and Potty Parts

happy fruit

One  result of having children of the opposite sex is that being around the opposite sex becomes normal everyday living.

Boys are boys… girls are girls… no big deal.. nothing new here!

My boys won’t think girls are some mystifying creatures that they have to parade around like a crazed peacock in order to get their attention (until they meet the one worthy of peacocking for)… nope… Oldest will show them the crazy, hidden world of girls.

Same goes for Oldest… boys won’t be these unapproachable beings who one needs to giggle around and wonder what they’re like (which will be some unrealistic expectation kindly presented by a movie)… nope… Middle and Youngest will show her the gross, hidden world of boys.

This principle applies to many areas… including… potty parts!

My children are well aware that boys and girls have different potty parts…

and aren’t we all glad that we do?!


BACKGROUND: Middle was a new-born and Oldest was 2 1/2. (2007)

SCENE: Changing Middle’s diaper while Oldest looked on.




Welp… it is what it is!!


It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama