Dear Future Daughter-In-Law,

daughter in law

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law,

I hope tonight you are safely tucked into your bed. That your daddy read you a story… sang you a sweet song… told you “I love you” and kissed you gently good-night.

I hope in the morning your mama greets you with a warm embrace… kisses the top of your head and asks you… “Baby, did you sleep soundly? What were your dreams?”

I hope that you are cherished… delighted in… tenderly led… and loved.

I hope you know the Lord and the peace that comes from only His guard… His hands.

I hope you grow up into a strong, kind, confidant, young woman who knows her value and waits for the one willing to love you at that cost.

You are worthy of time,

You are worthy of delight,

You are worthy of tenderness,

You are worthy of mercy,

You are worthy of kindness,

You are worthy of sacrifice,

You are worthy of love!


But baby girl… if tonight you don’t feel safe… don’t feel loved… don’t feel delighted in,

If you daddy is not a “man”.

If you mama does not tenderly pursue you and teach you your worth.

If you don’t learn your value and sell yourself for a cheap replica of love,

You are still welcomed here!

Oh, how my heart breaks for you!

I want you here now… with me… in my arms… in my family…. in my home!!


I hope when you meet my son… fall in love with my son… give yourself to my son… that he treats you with the utmost respect.

That he opens your door,

Listens to your heart,

Opens up to you,

Brings you the security that you are the only woman made for him.

That he delights in you,

That he affirms,

Sacrifices all of himself for you, even the small, daily things, which you will come to find are the hardest of all things!

And that he leads you,

Loves you!


I hope when you meet me I don’t scare you… I talk a lot… and I love intensely… recklessly.

I hope we become friends.

I hope you become my daughter, not in-law, but my flesh… my blood!

I hope you’ll forgive me when I step out of line.

If I cross over into your rightful territory it’s not because I think you can’t handle it… that you’re not good enough.

It’s just that… you’ve married my son… my baby… my boy.

I was the first to hold him when he entered this world.

I nursed him… held him close and rocked him until he slept.

I was the one he asked for a snuggle… a bear hug… a kiss good-night.

I was the one who held him while he endured tummy aches… fevers… monsters and heart aches.

I was the one he came to for advice… for comfort… for love!

Now he goes to you… he is your man,

And this brings with it bittersweet joy.

I know this is right,

I know this is good,

Because I know it’s God’s plan… for you to take my place.

And I am thankful!


Please take care of him.

He will love you, this I am sure, and you will have a strong hold on him.

Don’t use his love for you against him!

Don’t harm him,

Don’t deceive him,

Don’t trick him,

Don’t belittle him.

Know him,

Delight in him,

Encourage him,

Hold him accountable,

Be honest with him,

Teach him,

Tell him your needs… your desires.

Be patient with him,

Sacrifice for him,

Love him!


But sweet, baby girl… most of all… I hope tonight you are safely tucked into your bed… dreaming lovely dreams.

I pray you know you’re loved… because I love you!