Three Cookies (a tragic poem about the love and depravity of mothers)


Three  Cookies

This is a tale of three cookies,

baked with a mother’s love the night before.

The mother placed them safely… lovingly into the pantry,

To delight her offspring once more.

Hard work and devotion made these three cookies,

As transferred from freezer to heat.

Yes… three pre-made… pre-cut cookies,

rested warmly on a silver sheet.

Small eyes would be wide… their tummies in love,

Three cookies… three  kids… makes one happy bunch.

Praises would be bestowed upon their mother,

This display of glee would commence tomorrow… after lunch.

Tomorrow became today,

How could this mother have known what to expect?

Oh… this day would be full of fighting,

whining and poop rubbed deeply into the carpet!

11 o’clock came to pass,

this mother…  you see… she’d gone through much.

Sadly… this story goes,

the three cookies didn’t make it to after lunch!

(or the offspring’s tummies)