Semi-Homemade Liquid Hand Soap




What if I told you that for under $5 you can make a gallon of healthy liquid hand soap? Would you skip? Would you jump? Would you say, “NO WAY!”?

Our skin absorbs whatever is put on it and that “whatever” goes into our blood stream and our blood stream goes to all our organs and our organs are kindly keeping us alive. Yea for living!!

Naturally, when I learned this truth I went mentally nuts… it’s kind of my style.

Just like the products I used on my face and the water used in my kid’s bath (check these post out under “Moderately “Clean” Living-Body), I looked at the soap we were putting on our skin and was amazed that it was full of unnecessary crappola.

I mean, I don’t know about your family, but we wash our hands a lot which means a lot of crappola was going into our blood stream and making our organs cry.

  • Wiping bottoms
  • Picking noses (Like I tell Oldest, “Some buggers need a good brawl with a fingernail in order for them to release their death grip on one’s nose but wash your hands after you win.
  • Playing in the dirt
  • Sucking fingers
  • Sneezing/coughing

You get the point… lots of hand washing needs to be going on over here!!


SIDE-NOTE: Do I let my kids use the soap in the public restrooms… YES! It’s all about moderation. If, inside our home, I can provide my kids truly clean soap then using soap outside our home is not a big deal… we also eat at Sonic sometimes… oh… and we love hotdogs!!


My heart sank when I realized that buying healthy hand soap would be outside our budget. But now I was educated in the area of toxic hand soap (my innocence stolen from me!)… surely I could find the extra money… I think there’s a tree full of money outback.

I Googled homemade liquid hand soap expecting to get some recipe that would take forever to make. Cooking is not my love in life… now I’m going to cook up some soap? BLAH!

NO… I WILL NOT SPEND HOURS MAKING SOAP… I will do the following!!



  • Big Pot
  • Grader
  • Vegetable Glycerin (2 TBSP)
  • Bar of “good” soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s  bar soap… it’s organic, GMO Free, Fair Trade, it’s made with olive, hemp, coconut and jojoba oil… what more could a girl desire?)
  • Gallon of distilled water
  • Plastic hand pump bottle
  • (optional: funnel)



  • Grade bar of soap
  • Use the side with small holes






  • Put water, vegetable glycerin and soap flakes into pot



  • Over medium heat, dissolve soap and vegetable glycerin, remove from heat



  • Let sit for at least 12 hours
  • After 12 hours the soap should have changed into a solid. This solid will be snotty in texture, this is normal. It sound gross but you’ll get use to it and your kids will think it wicked cool!





  • Put soap into the hand pump bottle and the extra back into the gallon water jug
  • (extra: using a funnel to get the soap into your container might make it a less messy process. Every time I make this soap I think… “This would be a lot less messy if I had a funnel.” But I still have no funnel!)





  • Enjoy your $5 liquid hand soap that will last 3-4 months and save your family money! That’s my kind of “clean” living!!





  • This soap does not lather but it still kills germs
  • Dr. Bronner makes liquid soap but it dries out mine and Moderate Daddy’s hands… plus a gallon of it would cost over $30
  • This soap has a 4-5 month shelf life
  • We love lavender so I use the Lavender Soap (I’m super smart y’all). There is also Peppermint, Orange, Almond, Rose, Tea Tree and Baby Mild




It’s Been a (clean) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama