Meet The Family




Please come in… sit down and relax.

I am excited and honored you’ve stopped by!


Moderate Mama’s House is a safe place to laugh..

to express your fears and concerns…

to share your ideas and opinions…

and to enjoy the blessing of community.


Many people who stop by are moms and dads whose clothes are covered in sticky peanut butter fingerprints and baby boogers.  Most posts deal with the everyday joys and heart breaks… successes and failures of parenthood.

But… if you don’t have children and are wearing a clean, ironed, bright white shirt… the door is open to you too! At times, I post about life in general… filter through my realistically optimistic eyes and overly analytical brain!


Oh my goodness.. how rude of me!

I have not introduced you to my family!!


This is Moderate Daddy

A humorous… self-sacrificing… last one to finish his food… handsome… hard-working… 20 minute shower taking… best friend type of man.  He is my stable rock and helps pull my brain back down to earth. He lovingly reminds me that stress is life’s number one killer and encourages me to find the middle ground when it comes to what our family eats and how our children are educated!! He also has a nice butt on him!

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This is Oldest (age 7)…

A brilliant… rational… socially aware… tender-hearted… scared of many things… creator of magical worlds… lover of green veggies… artistic… stuffed animal collecting… beauty savoring… inquisitive type of child. She is my constant reminder to slow down… to not miss the beautiful gifts in life. I “get” her and she “gets” me.  We are very similar (except in the magical department) and I can’t wait until we can be friends!

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This is Middle (age 5)…

A snuggly… sensitive… affirming… comedic showman… quick-tempered… hater of all veggies… friend to everyone (man and beast)…  easily bored… compassionate… mama’s boy type of child. He is my constant companion… unless there is a friend around who will sword fight.  He loves playing with Youngest but also loves to push him over.

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This is Youngest (age 1)…

A rough… tough… lover of the outdoors… self amusing… giggly… lover of all foods… hugger of all people (especially grandma types)… climber of all furniture… naturally athletic… pure joy to watch type of child. He only wants me if he’s bored, thinks I have food or I’m on the phone. He loves to play with Middle and will one day be bigger and will pay Middle back for EVERYTHING!

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This is me (Moderate Mama)

An over exclamation mark using… animated storytelling… worrier of all things (man, beast and food)… humor finding… unable to handle Pinterest.. socially nervous but overly talkative (so no one knows)… empathetic… future contemplating… merciful… painfully driven and devoted type of woman. I drive myself crazy most days but I know God made me the way I am and I trust He has a good reason… and a good sense of humor!

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At this house we celebrate our differences…

we laugh until we cry…

and some days we yell at each other (not in an awesome way).


Sometimes we live life with confidence and sometimes we live life scared…

but we always live life together!!


I hope you’ve felt welcomed and come back soon.

The door is always open!!


Why do you call yourself “Moderate Mama”?  Some of my friends think I’m too crunchy and some think I’m not crunchy enough.  Some of my friends think I’m too hands-free and some think I’m too hands-off. Through 7 years of parenting I’ve learned what’s most important for my family and in relation to my friends I fall… in the middle… I’m a moderate mama!


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Lastly… you can get a hold of me via email… but please don’t call… Youngest will find me!