We Mamas Say Stupid Things!



Mercy is an essential part in handling words that are said to us or that we assume are said at us.

Mercy: Compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm

We’re women… and some of us talk… a lot.

Right? Right!

So… the likelihood of us saying something stupid… that we wished we could stuff immediately back into our overactive mouths… is very high!

I’ve done it…

you’ve done it…

we’ve all done it!

Mercy, mercy, me!


So… if something seemingly snarky is said about the way I do things and that offends me to the point of growing bitter or being snarky in return… well… I need to grow thicker skin. I need to grow some mama skin!!


Why do we mamas say stupid things?

1. To fill up space

(I HATE SILENCE) Sometimes we say really dumb things because we don’t know what to say.

We’d be better off just looking at one another like idiots!


2. We’re envious, guilt ridden, overwhelmed, insecure, lonely, fearful, (add yours here)

The trolls on Frozen have it correct!

“People make bad (or stupid) choices (like what springs forth from their mouth) when their mad or scared or stress… throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best” (some people’s best might not live up to your standards and that’s okay… keep loving!)

When a mama says something that seems to be attacking our way of mama-ing, we need to stop and think. We need to try to understand the struggling (or ignorant) heart the words are coming from and choose to love instead of growing bitter!

How crazy and overwhelming are her children? How is she today? What is she dealing with right now? Is she talking at me or just struggling with insecurities? Is she a young mama? Could anything that I said have come across as attacking?

Because whom among us has never said something out of a struggling heart?

Out of an overwhelmed heart?

Out of an insecure heart?

Out of a lonely heart?

Out of a fearful heart?


3. We’re ignorant

I have all kinds of assumptions of what it’s like to be a working mama but I have no life experience.

We all have assumptions about a lot of thing and about a lot of “types” of mamas but we truly have no idea.

So let’s stop acting and talking like we do!

One’s life may look like a dream come true but that’s because it’s not your reality.


4. We’re jerks

Some mamas are just jerks!!

They need to be lovingly confronted (maybe they don’t know they’re a jerk) and if they continue on in their jerky ways… then they need to be loved from a distance.

Pray for them!

Pray for your heart towards them!!

Keep bitter thoughts (and stories of their jerkiness) to yourself.

You don’t want to become a jerk about the jerk!!




Above all else we are called to love!

I hope you know you’re loved…

you’re needed…

and you’re not alone.

All of us mamas are fighting the good fight!

Let’s continue on together so one day we may see… experience the sweet fruit of our intense labor!


Labor does not stop after childbearing!


Why do you say stupid things? I tend to be a #1 and #2. Do you have any reasons to add to the list?

SIDE-NOTE: The cartoon above is a true story witnessed by yours truly at Middle’s school party. It served as the inspiration for this post.


It’s Been a (Stupid) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama