Day Light Savings… A Call for Abolishment!!



Most of us mamas had a crappy Sunday morning.

And now the fear of what is to become of our children and our mental sanity during the next few weeks has set in.

Unless you are one of the lucky ones… Arizonan and Hawaiian mamas… Day Light Saving (DLS) is a time… twice a year… that wreaks havoc on your innocent,




overall… perfect family.

And it should!!!


ME: “Oh… why hello body… hi brain… time is going to shift an hour… that won’t be a problem right? I mean, you two don’t like schedules do you?? Okay great!!”


So… if you’re an irritated,


tired mama….

here are a few reasons to justify your feelings.


YEAH… justification for feelings!!!


1. 6:00 am is too early for sunshine…

and children

and questions

and thinking

and everything!!




2. It’s not 1918… keep up with the times

Seriously… I’m going to have to do this in 5 years in order to have a single conversation with my future pre-teen daughter… I expect the same effort from my government!!!


3. Selfish acts should not punish the public for almost a century

Listen up President Wilson and all you other sports enthusiast…

“I don’t care if you enjoy playing your cute sports game in the sunlight.

We… I mean… our children…are more important than your entertainment!!!”



4. Day Light Savings screws up our brains

I don’t know about you but my brain has had enough help in the “screwed up” department over the last 7 years…


I’ll pass…

oh wait…

I have no choice…


I love that!


5. 86.8714% of children do little to no work at home… let alone farm work (which means no need for early morning sun) 

So… not only do we have lazier children but we have screwed up brains!!!!

I’m pretty sure I read one time that those two things work in blissful harmony together!


6. Children can ride a bus to school

We pay a lot of money in taxes so all the sweet… eager-to-learn children have a bus to ride to school.

I’d say we’re worthy of an extra hour of “no children” in the mornings!!


7. I have A LOT of clocks…

but little time!

And at least once, I end up being an hour early or an hour late due to a clock that I forgot to change!!

It’s a blast!!


8. Energy costs go down by less than 1%



9. There are 3x more pedestrian fatalities during the weeks following DLS

We’re talking about death here people!!

To be exact… if you’re a walker or runner your risk of being killed by a car goes up 186% per mile during the weeks following DLS.

I don’t walk or run so I am safe… but you kick-a mamas…

watch out…

be safe…



10. 6:00 pm is too early for darkness and despair








It’s Been (a tiring) Pleasure (I’m going to bed),

Your Moderate Mama