Church is Making My Children Sick!

sick child

Is it a sign?

Is it coincidence?

I don’t know but what I do know is every action has a reaction.

As for Sundays… we go to church… have a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and time in the Word… then Monday morning…


Youngest has been fighting a, non-contagious, teething cold for over 2 weeks. Needless to say, we are both OVER IT!!

My right arm feels like an over cooked noodle!!!

So, Saturday afternoon I informed Moderate Daddy that Youngest and I would not be attending church due to the fact that I know what will happen… he will be worse on Monday!

I can’t do it! I can’t handle it!!!

I think God understands and still loves me greatly even if I don’t attend church this Sunday… no gold star though!

Turns out, Oldest came down with a 102 fever Saturday night, so all 3 of us stayed home.

But seriously… what is the deal with sickness and church??

Here is my theory…

Mamas are so desperate for 3 hours of “free” freedom… I mean… time with the Lord… that they make an exception and bring potentially sick children to church.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

Honestly I don’t blame them…

until Monday!!

I’m assuming this happens at other places besides church.

The gym maybe… I don’t know… I don’t go anymore.

Daycare… probably… but I’m assuming they’re a bit more “watchful’ of sick children… and of “those” parents who try to slip in a child who is not 24 hours clear of a fever!

The doctor’s office

“Why hello and good afternoon. Welcome to the place you go for hopeful relief from what ails you.

While you wait in this room for an hour… here are some toys to play with.

Don’t worry!

Only EVERY sick child has coughed, sneezed, booger rubbed and licked these toys… we cleaned them last NEVER!

Oh, and are you needing some entertainment while you wait another hour in the actual patient room?

Try reading one of these books. They have only been here for over 7 years. (Where is Cinderella and the Cake Contest? Room #2!!)

(2 hours later)

We will see you soon due to one of your other children who will, without a doubt, get sick from being here today!”


SIDE-NOTE: By NO means is this an anti-church, anti-children’s volunteer post. Most of the wonderful ladies (and few men) who serve so selflessly in our children area at church are good friends of mine. Honestly… I just think children are gross and there’s NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!


Where  do your children get sick?


 It’s Been a (slightly gross) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama