One morning, at a little private Christian school in Texas, a young, pale skinned, freckled, chill bowl sportin’ 10th grader walked thru the double doors.

It was the first day of school.

The young boy stood out… especially to one clear-eyed, new boy lovin’, Brittney Spears bleach blond, 9th grade girl!

The year was 1996 and I met the man I was going to marry!

The End


Well… I met the man I was going to marry 1996 but would not fall in love with him until 2002…

So let’s go back to the great year of 1996… when teenagers didn’t have Facebook or cellphones and we all rocked the school bus with our Sony Walkman!


I was, what one might call, a “new boy greeter”. I graduated with 33 people so who could blame me?

Boys were scarce!

The boys I did know were ALL on my “friend list”.

Paul was new to school… so inevitably… I liked him.

He did not like me back.


After getting to know “High School Paul”, being “just friends” was perfectly fine with me!

He was attractive, athletic, outgoing and respected but the boy had a “6 month only” rule with girlfriends, was arrogant and a total flirt.

Plus, him and my big brother became friends which meant I had the pleasure of seeing (and smelling) the farting, stupid, yucky side of him that was kept strategically hidden from the other girls at school.

I also heard the following for 4 long years…





Agreed… I was frustrating (a trait he would come to love once he entered manhood!)


It was early evening during the summer of 2000.

Paul called to see if I wanted to come over and hang out.

Awesome… sounds normal!


SCENE: On my landline phone

PAUL: “You want to come over?”

ME: “Yeah… that’s cool”

PAUL: “Okay, I’ll come pick you up.”

ME: “Okaaaaay?”

MY MIND: “okay, that’s weird”


So my sweet future husband came to picked me up.

He walked to the front door… odd

He opened my car door… strange

Then the poor boy proceeds to act as if we had not been friends… close friends… for the past 4 years of our lives.


SCENE: At his parent’s house

PAUL: “Sarah, how was your day?”

ME: “Good”

(5 minutes of awesome silence)

PAUL: “Sarah, can I get you something to drink”

ME: “Okaaaaay?

MY MIND: “Okay that’s it… something is WAY off!!”


He got me a drink then proceeded to sit by me… close by me.

At that point, I was so uncomfortable and my classic move in all “boy liking me.. OH NO” situations was complete avoidance.

But I was stuck…

ED TV had just started…

and Paul had to drive me home!!!


The following scene played out when he dropped me off… I’m not proud of my 18-year-old self but it was all I knew.




Three years later a small statement made by my college roommate changed my life.

COLLEGE ROOMMATE: “Jeff (guy I was kind of dating) looks a lot like your friend Paul.”



Later that night I began to think about Paul and I did the only natural thing to do… make a list.

Thoughts About Paul

  1. love as a friend.
  2. always there for me
  3. fun
  4. enjoyable to talk to
  5. great debater
  6. has similar interests
  7. wants a family
  8. loves the Lord
  9. ONLY boy who stand up to me… I liked that!!
  10. attractive???


MY MIND: “Holy crap…  I might like Paul!!”


Knowing Paul… I knew he’d NEVER ask me out again due to the complete humiliation that was the summer of ’00.

So I called him up and asked him out…

we went out 2 weeks later…

we both thought we’d break-up with the other one multiple times during the first 3 months…

then we fell in love!




Meet in High School in 1996

(I’m on the right… the lovely lady on the left was one of his HS girlfriend and is still a friend of mine)


Dated in college


Got married in 2004



Had all these munchkins



And he is still my man!!


This man…

this friend…

this love…

he’s the other part of me.

I look over at him in the morning and I’m blessed that he is still in my… I mean our… bed.

I am who I am, largely because he is who he is!


Happy 10 Years Honey!!


It’s Been a (Walk Down Memory Lane) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama