Homophones are Horribly Frustrating

Saturday evening, the Moderate Family went to a local art festival that Moderate Pop Pop (my dad) was in.

Great food, good music and wonderful art filled our night with memories, laughter and a “forever friend” for Middle.

After eating our delightfully greasy hamburgers, we all went for a stroll to look at the other art booths. Jewelry, photos, wooden art, paintings… it was all there.

We bought nothing!

As we got farther down the way, my children saw a beacon of light… a spinning wheel game at the Texas Trust Credit Union booth.

Quickly, I tell Moderate Daddy that Youngest and I were going to continue on to ensure he wouldn’t get fussy sitting idly in his stroller.

Perfect excuse to save me from the eminent, uncomfortable sales pitches… thanks Youngest… I love you!!

I was not there, but based on what “prize” Middle won, this is how the spinning of the wheel went.


You would have thought he just won a puppy!


SIDE-NOTE: Middle pronounces koozie “kooshie” which is quite wonderful!

SCENE: Walking back to the parking lot

MIDDLE: “Mama, did you know my kooshie can hold my drink?”

ME: “Cool man!”

MIDDLE: “And my kooshie will keep my drink cold. So now I’ll always have cold water! Isn’t that AWESOME!!! (hands raised high)”

ME: “I think that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard! (high-five)”



So naturally, he slept with his koozie,

hugged on his koozie,

and talked about his koozie none stop.

Oldest won an equally awe inspiring sun glasses holder.

Then, Sunday afternoon, Oldest and Middle were finishing up lunch and this lovely, confusing conversation about the koozie ensued.




Here is an actually picture of the beloved “never can be red because it is blue” koozie. From now on and forever more, Middle’s cup will be securely placed inside it’s awesome, cold keeping, embrace!


It’s Been a (kooshie) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama