Things My Oldest Will Do Differently… or So She Says!


I’m not so naive to think my children will parent just like I parent!

Even though Oldest is only 7, I’ve already been informed of a few things she’s for certain she’ll do differently.

#1. Go on more long family trips: Want to see this Mama lose her mind? Put me in a car with all my children for 12 hours… sit back… and enjoy!! Oldest might be better equipped to handle long car trips… time will tell.

OLD ME: “Grand-Moderate-Mama will meet you all there… I’m flying!!!”

#2 Get a pet: Not only do pets take EXTRA work which I assuredly would do 96.7% of it… I have a toddler and they are JUST LIKE having a pet!


#3 Never say”NOPE”: As of right now… my Oldest will NEVER  EVER tell her children “NOPE”

SCENE: Children watching TV while I cook breakfast… a blasted commercial comes on!!!

MIDDLE: “Mama, can I get a shooter disk Ninja Turtle guy?”

ME: “Nope, put it on your list.”

OLDEST: “Mama, can I get a shooter disk Ninja Turtle guy?”

MY MIND: Am I losing my mind or did I not just answer that question?

ME: “Nope, put it on your list”

OLDEST: “Well… when I’m a mama I’ll never tell my children “NOPE”.”

MIDDLE: “Yeah… me either!”

ME: “Welp… good luck with that!!”

SIDE-NOTE:The List” is either their birthday or Christmas list. This tactic surprisingly keeps them from whining 83.56% of the time. I’m guessing they just need the glimmer of hope that one day… said toy… shall be stuffed under their beds… unplayed with… like the other toys they just had to have!!

EXTRA: Oldest LOVES to draw and she loves to help me with this blog. So, she created the picture at the top of this post. I asked her to draw a scene of her telling me she’s not going to treat her children like I do… the above is what I got!! (Notice her crossed arms!! Wonder who she sees doing that?)


It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama