For The Love of My Wallet, Eat Your Veggies… PLEASE!!



$27,118… I’m quite certain that’s how much money the Moderate Family has wasted on well-intentioned, uneaten veggies!!!

Right? Right!!

Middle was 8 months old and not sleeping through the night.

A wise woman asked, “Do you think he’s getting full?”

Great question!!

I had no idea… I was just doing what I did with my first baby who was now a “still living” 3-year-old!

Oldest was solely breast-fed until she was 10 months old so starting solids with Middle had not crossed my mind.


My experience with Oldest eating veggies was fairly pleasant… which led to a falsely prideful mama.

ME: “Oh… my child loves veggies… have you tried… blah blah blah… I’m so awesome and natural… blah blah blah.”

Yikes… I was stupid!!!

It’s easy to be awesome and seemingly natural at something that comes without hardship!!


Back to Middle.

Once I decided I’d listen to the wiser, older woman, I went to the store, bought a couple of each type/variety of jarred baby food, and went home.

Buying baby food is hard. One almost needs a degree. How many brands and types and types of types can there be?!

Here is how my week went and how MANY MANY weeks have gone thereafter!!











Feeding a child is maddening!!


All you get is…

a messy floor,

a worried mind,

and 59 unusable jars of pumpkin puree!


SIDE-NOTE: Life was a bit crazy when Middle came along so I opted for jarred baby food. I made Oldest’s and Youngest’s food (by “made” I mean I cut and cooked and blended the heck out of it… I didn’t grow it… I am not that in touch with Mother Nature!). With Middle, I could make the joy filled extra trip back up to the store to return the food. But when you are making baby food, sadly the stores won’t let you return 15lbs. of beets that you worked 3 hours to puree and freeze!! (Thanks Youngest… good times!)


Still to this day, Middle is a picky veggie eater.

He will go back and forth between a love for carrots, peas, green beans or black beans… give him anything else and he’ll forfeit a cookie  in order not to eat his veggies.




SCENE: Dinner Table

ME: (In a “cheerful, isn’t what I’m saying awesome” voice) “Middle… you know… if you eat all your brussel sprouts you’ll get a cookie!”

MIDDLE: “Yeah… um… cookies are bad for my body so… I don’t think I want one.”

MY MIND: Way to use Mama’s words against her! Well played Son… well played!!!

At least now I can eat his rejects!

Have you had a “feeding a picky eater” battle? Did you win? How in the world did you do it?!!

It’s Been a (wasteful) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama