Eye Make-Up Remover


If there is one item that I contemplate running up to the store at 11:00pm to buy, once I remember that I ran out of it the night before, it’s eye make-up remover.

Waking up to eyelashes that have day old mascara on them does not positively contribute to my attempts to wake up!

Did you know, most eye make-up removers contain parabens. (Yes, even ALMAY, you know, the one recommended by dermatologist)

Even some of the “non-crunchies” tell us to stay away from parabens due to their potential effects on our estrogen. (we don’t want to be messin’ with those hormones… our sweet children have done enough) I am not getting into the science or research for or against this because I don’t want to.

This is not that kind of blog. Sorry!

Would I make it up to you if I said there’s an all-natural, cheap, easy way to make eye make-up remover at home?… Would you forgive me?… GREAT!


1/3 of the bottle Filtered Water
1/3 of the bottle Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil, etc. (Olive Oil might be too oily!)
1/3 of the bottle Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free)

Step 1
Get a glass bottle (any size)

Step 2
Pour in 1/3 of each ingredient

Step 3
Shake Before Use

Step 4
Put on Cotton Ball

Step 5
Rub on Eyes

Step 6

It is that easy!

SCENE: You preparing to wash your face at 11:00pm

YOU: “Oh crap! I forgot I was out of eye make-up remover. But wait! I have all the items I need right here to make all-natural, cheap, homemade eye make-up remover. Thanks Moderate Mama!”

I’m assuming you can purchase the above ingredients at a whole food store, health food store or vitamin store.

I personally purchased the Witch Hazel (brand: The Homestead Company) on Amazon because I had a 5 week old and the “others” so there was no way I was making a trip to the store if I didn’t have to. (Right? Right!)

Amazon is my best friend because:

  1. It is there for me whenever I need it
  2. It brings me my stuff… for free!

I purchased my oils online from Mountain Rose Herbs because I can get high quality oils, essential oils, butters, glass bottles and roll-on applicator all from one place.

And when it comes to the oil, I use Rosehip Seed Oil because it’s great for anti-aging (Well, at least that’s what I’ve read. I’ll let you know in 10 years if it worked). You can also mix oils to get different benefits.

WARNING: Jojoba oil is one of the best oils for skin care products because it’s easily absorb but it can break some people out. And I happen to be apart of that lucky “some” but you might not.

SIDE-NOTE: I am not sure if this eye make-up remover works on water-proof mascara. I don’t wear water-proof so I have no proof that it works against the “proof”. Try it out and let me know… please!

HONESTY CHECK: I still have my paraben filled eye make-up remover hidden in the deep, dark secret places of my vanity drawer for those times when taking 2 minutes at 11:00pm to make homemade eye make-up remover is just not worth it.

I think I’ll survive!

It’s Been A Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama