5 Things EVERY Loving Mama Needs To Hear!

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There are so many post screaming “WAR”!!

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Seriously… what is our “mama” problem?!

Other mamas are not our enemy… they are our sisters… our lifeline of support!!

Our calling in life is hard enough without all this hatred, insecurity and deflection.

We are women… we are loving… we are beautiful… we are strong… and we are better than this!


So, for ALL of you mamas out there here are…

5 Things EVERY Loving Mama Needs To Hear

1. You are not alone!

Did you yell at your child today?  Yeah, me too!

Did you feed them fast food today… twice?  Yeah, me too!

Does your sink have toothpaste in it?  Yeah, mine too!

Do you resent your husband sometimes?  Yeah, me too!

Do you feel convicted about that?  Yeah, me too!

Do you sometimes not go to bed because you know everything, all of the responsibilities, are just going to start back over in the morning? Yeah, me too!!

If you feel alone, I’m pleading with you to find a group of other mamas who will strengthen and encourage you! There are groups online, in churches, at parks that all have a common goal… fellowship coupled with mental sanity!

Because let me boldly say, “You are not alone!” There is a mama out there who can relate with you. But you might have to drop your guard, put on your exploring shoes, and go find her.

Praying for her might help too!

Who knows… she might be praying for you!!


2. You have value! Your work has value!

Mama life is not glamorous!

We don’t get public praise or added to any list entitled, “Women Who Have Changed the Face of the Planet” due to us cleaning the pee dribble off the floor for the third time this morning. Or for taking off of work to stay home with our sick little Loves.

But did you know that if everyone mama (and daddy) across all of time (past, present and future) loved and took care of their family the way you do, we’d have less of a need for humanitarian workers, self-help books, blogs (ha ha), and many other publicly acclaimed jobs?

You are raising well-rounded, loved, directed, young, eternal beings who will one day be sent out to contribute to the world.

So, whatever your day looks like… washing clothes, making dinner, schooling your children, working to financially provide, watching other people’s children, taking care of a handicapped child… your work has value because it’s for the one’s you love!

The one’s God has entrusted you with (this includes your Honey-Man)!

And when we love our family, we love God Himself! (two for one… I’ll take it!!)


3. You are desirable

You, my friend, have a lot to offer!

Wisdom, life experience, humor, craftiness, encouragement, love, you name it. What a shame if your God give abilities go unused. What a shame for the other mamas you could be pouring into, being a lifeline for!

You see, sometimes it’s not about what we are getting out of a friendship but what we are giving to the friendship. The wonderful thing about giving of ourselves is that it NEVER comes back void.

It’s never in vain.


So, If you are feeling undesirable, unusable, then maybe other mamas don’t know what you have to offer.

Get your butt out there!!


4. You are cared for!

God holds a special place for us mamas!

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.
Isaiah 40:11

Do you know why God gently leads us?

Because He knows that under all our outward, strong bravado, there’s a worn out, frail, discouraged, little ewe that needs to know she is loved and cared for.

A ewe who can trust that during the times she has nothing left to give, no energy, no strength, that she will be carried by her loving Shepherd, to the greenest pastures! By the coolest waters!!

His soft touch, His desire to hear our every concern, His calling on our lives is proof of His goodness!

Proof of His love!!


5. You are called (by God) to rest!

Do you feel guilty when you rest?

Taking a nap, reading, drinking a cup of coffee (hot and while sitting down), gardening, watching TV, praying, writing, whatever brings you rest, do these activities get last priority?

Do you feel selfish or like your wasting valuable time?

It’s hard to take time to rest when I look around at all the things that need to get done on my forever rotating, never-ending list!

My Mind: Seriously!! It’s laundry Monday AGAIN!!

I don’t want to be viewed as the “lazy stay-at-home mama”! God forbid… right!? But at some point we all have to realize that we are only human. We need a break just like daddy and our children do.

Yes, there are times when restfulness gets out of hand and becomes neglectfulness, but, I don’t believe any of us are near that line! At least not on an everyday basis.

So, as best as you can, go rest… and stop feeling guilty!

Stop it… stop it I say!!!


HONESTY CHECK: Resting is so hard for me!! As I’m writing all this “easy to write, hard to live out” stuff, I’m laughing. This blog… writing is what I do to rest. It brings me joy and I’m naturally drawn to it. But I wrestle with not feeling guilty about it, so, if any of you knows the secret to resting without guilt, please tell me!!

My heart knows I need to rest but my eyes see that my kitchen floor needs a good cleaning too!


It’s Been a (restful) Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama


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