Girls Crafting VS. Boys Crafting

SCENE: In the kitchen doing one of the nine things needing my attention. My Oldest and my Middle are in the play-room/dining-room/craft-room making stuff out of pipe cleaners (Oldest led).

SCENE: 13 minutes later, the girl walks in.


It’s lovely! It’s creative!! She’s has an artist’s heart!!! She might be brilliant!!!!

SCENE: 1 minute later, the boy walks in.




Um… the boy… not so much!

REALITY CHECK: Yes, I know that some girls are not “artistic” minded and some boys are. We’re just having fun here. I’m not trying to get published in a Psychology Journal!

SIDE-NOTE: My Middle is lovely, creative and brilliant just in different ways. Again, just having fun!

How do your sons and daughters do the same activity differently?

It’s Been A Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama