Anti-Itch Bug Bite Roll-On


Bug bites… I HATE THEM! They keep my family in fear of the outdoors and they interrupt my restful sleep. I just love when my kids burst into my room at midnight screaming about their life shattering itches.

To top that off, our prediatrician warned me not to over use steroids which are kindly lingering in some anti-itch creams (creams that contain hydrocortizone). I Googled for studies to back this up but couldn’t find any.

Regardless, there is a cheaper way to eliminate the “itchies” that is all natural.


Bug Bite Roll-On

Oil of choice (olive, rosehip, jojoba, sweet almond, etc.)
5 Drops of Lavender Oil
5 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

Step 1
Get a roll-on bottle

Step 2
Fill the roll-on bottle with oil of choice

Step 3
Add oils

Step 4
Roll on bite

Step 5
Feel the majestic relief!

EXTRA: Both these oils are kid friendly!


It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama


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