What I Planned To Eat

SCENE: Driving home after a long evening of shopping at three different grocery stores. Why I cannot find a store that carries everything I need I’ll never know. Will Power and I had been successful in refraining from buying the candy on the candy aisle, the aisle end caps, and at the register. Thank you grocery store for surrounding me with chocolate!


SCENE: (5 minutes from home) But wait… what is that beautiful, faint golden glow? Oh man… McDonald’s. Will Power don’t fail me now! Don’t you think McDonald’s is so gross? All those YouTube videos about slimy chicken glop, fries that are less nutritious than packing peanuts and the burgers… well, who knows WHAT kind of animal by-products they are formed from. Am I right or am I right? Yuck, yuck, yuck, I wouldn’t feed it to a duck!

SCENE: (30 seconds later) Well… McDonald’s does make our mouths water… I mean… you know, sometimes. And it’s okay if we only eat it every now and then. How long has it been? Well, obviously long enough if we can’t remember.



Happy Meal, Happy Meal, Happy Meal.





Will Power, we’ve been DEFEATED!!

Have you had a food battle which defeated you and Will Power? Please share! You can also share your victories but I might not like you for a quick second!

It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama