Milk Kefir Yogurt/Creamsicles



In the department of what to put in your family’s body, there is so much information out there and so many great things to incorporate (if one’s mind can handle it and not go crazy, in which mine can not handle much!!) But, in my mentally crazy opinion, if I had to choose what is most important to focus on it’s aminal products. Cheese, milk, yogurt, meats, eggs etc. for my family I buy from either local farmers that raise their animals home, home on the range or organic. If you live in the Dallas/FTW Metroplex, a great place to buy local meats and low temp pasteurized milk is Farm To Fork.

Now, can we afford to do this 100% of the time. NOPE!! But I can afford it (7.2683 times out of 10) if we go conventional in other areas. My food motto is, “a little is better than none!” If my family can get high quality food 2 out of 4 weeks, well, I can live with that! “Thank you Lord for even giving me the option!!”

I’ve learned ways to make some items, like yogurt, at home. In order for me to “home-make”anything, it has to meet two criteria. #1 Cheap (at least compared to what I can get in stores) and #2 Easy! Kefir yogurt meets both plus its Moderate Kid” approved!

HONESTY CHECK: My youngest LOVES kefir yogurt. My oldest and middle… um… not so much. But have no fear! They love it in the form of a creamsicle!! Healthy frozen treat you can eat everyday… yes please!)

A wonderful bonus of milk kefir is it’s full of extra goodies our bodies love, need and are lacking. (click here for info on that bold statement!!) Also, if you drink/eat milk kefir on a regular basis you can cut out taking a probiotic which means more cash in your stash!

First step to making milk kefir yogurt… make milk kefir.


2-4 cups Organic or Raw Cows Milk
2 tablespoons Milk Kefir Grains

Step 1
Put milk into a large bowl

Step 2
Put milk kefir grains in the bowl with the milk

Step 3
Cover with a breathable cloth

Step 4
Leave on counter for 12- 24 hours.

Note: Check your milk kefir within 12-24 hours. When it’s the consistency of a smoothie, strain the kefir grains with a PLASTIC strainer over your storage jar (I use a mason jar). Put the jar of milk kefir in fridge. Start a new batch!




4 cups Milk Kefir

2-4 heaped tablespoons Chia Seeds

2-3 tablespoons Jelly

Step 1
Make 4 cups of Milk Kefir

Step 2
Pour in 3-4 tablespoons of Chia Seed (add more to make thicker)

Step 3
Add 1-2 tablespoons of jelly (add more if too bitter)

Step 4
Stir and refrigerate

Step 5
Tell you digestive system… “You’re Welcome Digestive System… I Love You!”



I am not going into how to care for milk kefir grains, there are tons of post that can help with that… like this one (click here). It is easy to do. The most difficult part is using it all. So, if you have a friend who wants to go in with you, y’all can share the cost of the milk and both families can enjoy some loving, probiotic filled, kefir yogurt… or creamsicles!!

SIDE-NOTE: Chia seeds are a super food (click here) They’re also a great way to make ANY liquid thicker. They can be used as an egg substitute or milk substitute in smoothies.

EXTRA: I buy my organic jelly and chia seeds from Costco. I think the jelly is around $6 for a 42oz. jar and the chia seeds are around $14 for a BIG bag (well, big in comparison to what you can get at Whole Foods) Also, this is where I bought my milk kefir grains (click here). I would recommend not buying freeze-dried grains. I did this at first and they didn’t work as well as the ones I bought from the link provided.

EXTRA EXTRA: Some folks with a milk intolerance can tolerate milk kefir. Something about the way the sugar (lactose) in the milk is changed during the fermenting stage… I don’t know… I’m no a scientist but I’m sure you can find out more from scientist Google!

Oh and to make Milk Kefir Creamsicles… just put the milk kefir yogurt into reusable popsicle molds and freeze! MAGIC!!

It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama

Next Time: Chia Seed Pudding (sooooo yummy)

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