I Wish My Life Was A TV Show… Sometimes!


SCENE: Weekday night (not sure which night because I DVR everything!) and I’m watching Parenthood. A beautiful montage of family photos scrolls across the screen while Bob Dylan sings “Forever Young”. The show has started. 15 minutes later, a scene of pure family collectiveness is shown. The whole family is around an outside dinner table. Tons of yummy food is spread out across a cream, burlap table runner. The meal is lit by glowing lights that are strung back and forth, horizontally over head.

There’s laughter and fun and love… there’s pure joy!

My Mind: “Man… my life is boring. We never have these heart warming, BIG family moments. My emotions are never stirred up as much as they are watching this dumb TV show…

…I wish my life was a TV show!!

SCENE: Labor Day weekend, 2014, my poppy and mimi’s house

Every Labor Day, my mom’s side of the family spends the weekend together (we actually only spend Saturday out there because I am not very cool!!) My 5, plus my older brother’s 4, plus my cousin’s 4, plus my other cousin’s 3, plus my other cousin’s 2, plus my parents, plus my 2 aunts, plus their 2 husbands, plus my poppy, plus my mimi, plus my second cousin’s 4, plus my great-aunt, plus her husband equals 32 people. Equals a nut house! Normally, I’m stressed over any get together of this size.

Normally, I am stressed over the Labor Day weekend… I mean Saturday!

This year started off a bit different… it was my generations turn to be in the sacred kitchen. My beautiful cousin was in charge of the food. She pre made at least 12 casseroles, bought all kinds of sandwich makin’s, and planned different, more kid friendly foods, for the children.

She was amazing! She IS amazing!!

I was fortunate to spend lunch and dinner prep time helping my 3 cousins cut, cook, and place the mealtime delights onto serving pieces. It was a blast. We talked about managing family and work, about our handsome, still “flirt worthy” husbands, about future plans and dreams, and about the older generation of women in our family. We got the job done, all while laughing away any stress that might have filled the space.

I’ve never had that much fun in a kitchen!!!

Later, about 2 hours before dinner, most of the family was out in the backyard. The kids were playing in a huge blow up alligator pool/slide type thing. There was a 2-on-2 soccer game being played, along with a game of washers. A group was sitting under the shade of a large oak tree catching up on one another’s year. Others were up on the top patio looking over the side with smiles on their faces… enjoying the scene.

Then… it dawned on me… this was pure joy. The sound of my children playing with their cousins, of my family laughing at old memories being retold while getting pelted by water balloons and the shouts of victory coming from the games being played inspired me to stop and look.

Such collective nuttiness… such love… right under my nose… happening in my life!

Oh my gosh… I’m having a Parenthood moment… I just need some Dylan playing in the background!

HONESTY CHECK: I’m 100% convinced that I’ve let hundreds of “moments” pass me by. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived these moments, but I didn’t enjoy them… I didn’t see them. I’ve allowed stress and “being in a hurry” (you know… cross off that list Mama) to camouflage these peaceful, fun, heart warming, God-given moments.

I’m going to slow down, relax and take a look around… or at least I’ll try!

What’s one of your Parenthood moments?

It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama

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