Healthy Bath Time-Hooray!


On one of my MANY pursuits to make my family as healthy as humanly possible, I learned that there is horrible, sure to kill your children, chemicals and other “invisible to the naked eye” type horrors lurking in water. I WENT MENTALLY NUTS… for about a week. Sometimes information is good and sometimes it’s good but I handle it badly. My husband jokes that the stress I cause myself in this pursuit will lengthen their life and shorten mine…. he’s a wise man.

It makes sense that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into our bodies. (Some would argue the “on” is more important than the “into”) We know that what goes on our bodies is then absorbed into our blood stream. This is why some medicines come in topical creams. Water is no different. And unfortunately, water is something that my family found themselves submerged in regularly since kids are stinky… especially in the Texas summertime! Maybe all those Hipster kids know where it’s at. Baths are bad! Say “NO” to baths!!

The only solution, in my crazy brain, was to buy a “Whole House” water filtration system. I mean, it only cost between 2-3K… it’s worth it… right? Now, for those of you with a “Whole House” filtration system… I’m almost sinfully jealous. If your county does not have a good standing in the area of “clean” water, you might look into a filtration system. For my family, we can’t spend that kind of money on something I’m not convinced of its horrors. I mean, most people bath in regular water and they have not grown a third arm. Yes, there has been links to allergies and asthma, but my family does not suffer from either (Thank you Dr. Waters and your giftedness in acupressure!) Some cancers have also been linked to the toxins in water but, personally, my focus is more honed in on strengthening my families natural ability to fight cancer cells than avoiding everything that might cause cancer. Because, I think everything might cause cancer (I’m not a doctor or naturopathic, so don’t bet on the correctness of that statement)

For my brain to simmer down, I had to find some middle ground (I rhymed and I’m not changing it!). One thing I noticed about most of the blogs and reports I read on water was that chlorine is the likely cause of people’s health problems. Chlorine is added to our water supply to kill off bacteria but when it’s mixed with other matter in water, it turns toxic, or so THEY say (see this link for more scientific information, it’s a good read) But guess what!! There is a cheap (Hooray), easy (Hip Hip Hooray) way to neutralize chlorine in bath water. Enter stage left… Vitamin C!!!


1000 mg Vitamin C (powder form)

1/2 cup Epsom Salt

2 tablespoons Calcium Bentonite Clay

Step 1

Put 1000 mg of Powdered Vitamin C into a full bathtub

Put 500 mg into a half-full bathtub

Step 2

Optional: Put in Epsom Salts

Step 3

Optional: Put in Calcium Bentonite Clay

The powder form of Vitamin C I bought had 1000 mg in 1 teaspoon. Just check the back of your bottle to find out the correct measurement for you. I also added some wonderful, optional options. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is powerful at detoxifying the body and is safe for kids. You must remain in the water for at least 20 minutes for it to be effective. Also, Calcium Bentonite Clay is my favorite health item I’ve bought in the past year. I used it, at first, only for a homemade facial mask but have since found out it has tons of uses. I love items with tons of uses so Google, “uses for Bentonite Clay” and be amazed. To quote Pocahontas, “You’ll learn so many things you never knew… you never knew.” Seriously, there are over 100 uses for this stuff… 3 of them I actually implement. If you do decide to put this clay in your bath, first add it to a jar of water and shake well. Then dump it in the water. There’s one thing I don’t like about using the clay in my bath, it leaves a film (yuck… extra cleaning). But… it does help remineralize your body so… you make the call!

Personally, I have a big jar of Epsom salts, a jar of Vitamin C, a jar of clay, a 1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon by my tub at all times. I forget things easily and this helps me remember… sometimes!

I purchased all the ingredients on… you guessed it… Amazon (I got a 20 lb. bag of Epsom salts for under $30. Hard to beat that!). I am sure you can also find them at your local health store.

What do you add to your bath water for a healthier, more enjoyable bath?

It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama

NEXT TIME:  Kid Friendly Anti-itch Oil