Fruit and Veggie Soak: Because People Have Touched Your Food!


For those of you who are like us, we cannot afford to buy everything organic. If I did buy only organic produce my kids would have never tasted a grape! I mean, seriously, grapes for $1.00 per pound at Costco would be sinful to pass up.

While this soak will not pull out the potential deadly toxins from the inside of your produce, it will get the yuck off the outside.You know, yuck like, pesticides, boogers, bacteria and fecal matter.

I think it’s the least we could do… for the children.

Plus, there’s some controversy over the types of “organic” pesticides used in mass organic farming, so organic or not, truly washing all fruits and veggies is a cheap, quick way to eat cleaner!


1/2 a sink full of Warm Water
2 tablespoons of Salt
1/2 cup of White Vinegar

Step 1
Clean your sink out… yuck… germs!

Step 2
Fill sink half way with warm water

Step 3
add salt and white vinegar

Step 4
plop in fruit/veggies and let soak

Step 5
Berries- soak 3-5 minutes
All others- soak 20-30 minutes

Step 6
Rinse off fruit/veggies and let dry

Step 7
Enjoy your hopefully fecal-free fruits and veggies


It’s Been a Pleasure,

Your Moderate Mama